Help us make season 3 a reality!

Undocumented Tales is a youtube series that follows the story of Fernando Gutierrez, Fernando has two secrets: He is an undocumented immigrant and he is in the closet. Fernando constantly lies to society about his legal status and lies to his family about his queer identity. Fernando is not the typical Hollywood stereotyped immigrant, Fernando along with all of the characters in the series are human beings. They laugh, they cry, the celebrate life, they exist!!!

Hello! My name is Armando Ibañez, I am writing and directing this web-series. As an immigrant and queer filmmaker, I want to see untold stories on the screen. It is my responsibility to create work that will change the perceptions people have about undocumented immigrants; this would be an amazing opportunity to educate people about my community.

Usually, we’re stereotyped as victims and other aspects of our lives are never shown. Despite all the barriers and obstacles we face, we still have dreams and goals. We keep going, we keep fighting, no matter what (that’s all we can do, really).

I want to talk about topics that intersect, including: immigration, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, family acceptance and racism. All of these topics are important and I think my web-series is a good opportunity to have an impact and change the narrative of undocumented, queer, Latinx immigrants, especially for those with different backgrounds and identities from us.

I have created the first two seasons (now available on our YouTube channel) with the help of friends and colleagues. There has been more than 200 people involved in the making of the first two seasons. No one has been paid a single cent, it has all been voluntary. All of the production has come out from my own pocket and it would be extremely hard to continue shooting without any financial help. I would like to continue working on this project and be able to shoot a third new season with your help. This is why we ask you to be part of our team, please make a pledge what you can and help us expand our message!

We have developed a very limited budget. We need to shoot 7 more episodes with a low budget. These funds will be used to cover the following expenses:

- To rent equipment like cameras, SD cards, hard drives, lights, sound equipment.
- To provide stipends to cast and crew. Talent and crew have been working really hard without charging a single penny. Labor shouldn’t go unpaid.
-To buy food for the cast & crew during filming days.
-Location fees, film permits, insurance, travel expenses such as gas and parking.
-Production design. Food, uniforms, props.
-Post-production: Music, graphics, photos, editing labor.

Would you be able to help bring this project to life by making a donation today? help us with your contribution and share this project with your family and friends. By doing this, you will be contributing to a social change in educating general audiences about who we really are and how we really live. Our narratives go beyond what Hollywood and other entertainment sources are showing in present times.

Thank you so much for all of the contributions and for helping us spreading the word!

All the best,
Armando Ibañez
Undocumented Tales Creator